The five biggest myths about IT Cloud computing

Cloud computing has been a hot topic in IT support circles for some years now; but, despite the hype, there is still a lot of confusion about what it is, how it works, and what the benefits are.

Even people who think they understand about cloud computing have often found themselves believing some of the myths that surround it.

We’ve drawn on the results of our 2015 survey into small business attitudes to Cloud computing, and on many conversations we’ve had with clients and other contacts, to debunk the top five biggest myths about the Cloud.

1. Cloud computing is a thing

Obviously it is a thing in the sense that journalists and IT support people talk about it. But as a business owner you don’t suddenly switch to ‘doing’ Cloud computing as something very different from the type of computing you’ve been doing before.

It may be better to think of it as a collection of products and services that answer some of your business needs. We know they work because they use internet technology rather than connecting to a server in your office – but that’s not really important to anyone other than us and your IT manager.

So instead of worrying about whether you should switch to the Cloud, start thinking about how your staff communicate with each other, where they work, and how much flexibility they need. Would Microsoft Office 365 make their lives easier? Would you benefit from adopting Dropbox company-wide? Or are you already so comfortable with using Google products at home that you’d like to introduce them at work too?


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