Taking the stress out of IT Support office moves

A recent poll by energy providers E.ON revealed that two thirds of people regard moving house as the most stressful life event ever.

Things get lost. You realise that your favourite sofa doesn’t fit. And most of us live with piles of boxes lying around, unpacked, for weeks.

But at least no one expects us to throw a formal dinner party the day after we move, or even be able to find a can-opener. In fact, we can blame our day-to-day personal inefficiencies on the new house for months to come.

Not so businesses. Even the most sympathetic customers expect seamless service, whether you’re moving down the road or from one end of the country to the other. And conscientious staff start fretting if they think they won’t be able to complete last week’s complicated order or meet next week’s deadline.

First Line IT support Oxford have 15 years’ experience in helping companies large and small move offices, and supervising the changeover of IT systems, broadband services, and telephone circuits.


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