Problem with Microsoft Office 365?

  • Which level of Microsoft Office 365 is right for my business?
  • Can I merge Office 365 with my existing network?
  • How do I transition from my existing email services?
  • Can I move all my data to Microsoft Office 365?
  • What happens to our email archive when we migrate to Office 365?
  • We’ve been using free services such as Dropbox and Google; how can we use them with Office 365?
  • Can we connect our Mac users with Office 365?

We can help you solve all these Microsoft Office 365 problems and more.
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Taking the stress out of IT Support office moves

A recent poll by energy providers E.ON revealed that two thirds of people regard moving house as the most stressful life event ever.

Things get lost. You realise that your favourite sofa doesn’t fit. And most of us live with piles of boxes lying around, unpacked, for weeks.

But at least no one expects us to throw a formal dinner party the day after we move, or even be able to find a can-opener. In fact, we can blame our day-to-day personal inefficiencies on the new house for months to come.
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The five biggest myths about IT Cloud computing

Cloud computing has been a hot topic in IT support circles for some years now; but, despite the hype, there is still a lot of confusion about what it is, how it works, and what the benefits are.

Even people who think they understand about cloud computing have often found themselves believing some of the myths that surround it.

We’ve drawn on the results of our 2015 survey into small business attitudes to Cloud computing, and on many conversations we’ve had with clients and other contacts, to debunk the top five biggest myths about the Cloud.

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IT support staff raising money for charity: Three men on their bikes

On the 5th May, The First Line IT Support Cycling Squad, composed of David Swinburne, Kevin Sands and Dan Owen, the “ThreeWheelin’ ” are raising money for the “Against Breast Cancer” charity, by riding the ‘Classic Oxfordshire‘ 70 mile one day event.
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First Line helps make sense of the Oxfordshire business scene

First Line IT has been featured in Oxfordshire Guardian’s latest publication

As a business person in Oxfordshire, you are seldom more than a few steps away from potential customers, partners, and suppliers,” says Barrie Giles, First Line Managing Director.

“But sometimes, there can be such a thing as too much choice ‒ and too much going on. How do you identify the partners who will be the best fit for your business and values? Continue reading First Line helps make sense of the Oxfordshire business scene

Taking your business seriously means taking IT seriously

Why web developers Biff Bang Pow recommend First Line’s Microsoft Exchange service to their clients

Web development company Biff Bang Pow were introduced to First Line IT’s Microsoft Exchange Online service after it became apparent they needed external email support services to offer to their clients.

Since they established the company, they have been offering their clients a free email hosting service. However, this became impossible as they began taking on bigger clients.

Coincidentally, BBP got in touch with John Crozier just as First Line was beginning to invite proposals for their new website build. Biff Bang Pow turned out to be a perfect fit!

This is why website developer Biff Bang Pow made the big decision to stop hosting its own clients’ email, and recommended that they moved to First Line’s Microsoft Exchange Online service instead.

So the companies have been working together in the roles of both supplier and client. David Burke, Managing Director of Biff Bang Pow thinks that First Line IT got the slightly rougher end of the deal: They had to talk a lot of new clients through the Microsoft Exchange Online service. “We had nearly 170 email clients to migrate”, he explains.

Find out more about how First Line IT delivered their Email Exchange Service to Biff Bang Pow here.

IT support in practice: meet some of our clients

Successful companies don’t stand still: they grow, diversify, move location, take advantage of new technologies, and experiment with different ways of working.

In order to do this, though, they need support services that can keep up with them – and that includes IT. If you’re not an IT specialist, making sure your IT is a help rather than a hindrance can seem a little daunting – but, luckily, it’s just what IT support companies do best. Continue reading IT support in practice: meet some of our clients